Nyx Setting Spray ft Nivea Aftershave balm


Hey Everyone! – Today I be doing 2 product reviews of April purchases.

“Nyx Setting Spray” – I would highly recommended for makeup artists or even anyone who is “on the go” because it’s convenient the perfect size (cute and petite bottle) to put away easily. It does the job and sets my makeup effortlessly throughout the whole day. The only negative I will say is the scent is bland.

Furthermore, scented setting sprays is amazeballs. My next setting spray review will be about the new Gerald cosmetics “SLAY” spray I have heard a lot of great reviews and it comes with 5 different scents (Yummy😆)
Keep posted to see review.

“The Nivea Aftershave cream” – i just started using this for last 2 weeks and was recommended by many make up artists. Not only is it affordable but also the best primer around. I was sceptical at first because it’s for men and aftershave but there is this ingredient called glycerin that glues your makeup on your face all day. I must say it worked tremendously and would recommend to anyone.

I would usually clean and dry my face , put on the Nivea primer and spray setting spray on top before applying makeup and repeat after makeup application. It gives me a solid makeup all day. Which is key🔧

Welcome! To my first blog post ðŸ˜†

imageHi Everyone and Welcome to My First Blog! Thank you for visiting my page – I have been wanting to do this for a long time now.

Mya’Belle is my Makeup Business and I am a Qualified Makeup Artist located in London. I do makeup for all occasions and have a great clientele. I love Beauty, Fashion and Writing I know blogging is great platform which each 3 can meet naturally.

In my blog you will get to know more about the skincare and beauty tips I have learned along my journey as a makeup artist. Including my favourite makeup and fashion looks, tutorials, product reviews for beauty, fashion and being a mother I will also include babies/children product reviews for my yummy mummies out there 😇

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